they kill me

you only live O N C E

Some people think they're always right 
Others are quiet and uptight 
Others they seem so very nice nice nice nice nice oh oh 
Inside they might feel sad and wrong 

29 different attributes 
And only 7 that you like, uh oh 
20 ways to see the world, oh oh 
Or 20 ways to start a fight 

Oh don't dont don't 
Get up 
I can't see the sunshine 
I'll be waiting for you baby 
'Cause I'm through 
Sit me down 
Shut me up 
I'll calm down 
And I'll get along with you 

A man don't notice what they got 
Women think of that a lot 
1000 ways to please your man 
Not even one requires a plan 
Countless odd religions too 
It doesn't matter which you choose 
One stubborn way to turn your back 
This I've tried, and now refuse 

Shut me up 
Shut me up up up up up 
And I'll get along with you...
Please don´t  L O V E me
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Photography Graphics


Photography Graphics

constancia,perseverancia,fuerza para mejorar

es lo que me falta